The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Choices After taking Modryn to his room and tying him up to prevent him from hurting himself, Tristan, Rom, Cu’thar, Gortuk, Angela, and Gretchen met outside his room. Angela holds her hand up to her temples, “Please, someone tell me what just happened.” Rom sighs, “We should have seen something like this coming […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 2

Here’s Chapter 2. I hope you enjoy. Chapter 2 Destruction Modryn Rashee was the second son of Vylon and Aryra the Heads of Clan Rashee. As far as physical appearances go, he was a typical Dok Alv. Slim, willowy frame, dusky skin, long pointed ears. Those of Clan Rashee had a tendency to be born […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 1

This’ll be my first attempt at writing. I’m hoping everyone who reads this posts any comments, concerns, or criticisms that come to mind. Every little bit helps. As for how I’mĀ posting this, this first attempt will be a short one. Similar to a light novel or novella, with only a few chapters that I’ll postĀ over […]