The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 2

Here’s Chapter 2. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2


Modryn Rashee was the second son of Vylon and Aryra the Heads of Clan Rashee.

As far as physical appearances go, he was a typical Dok Alv. Slim, willowy frame, dusky skin, long pointed ears. Those of Clan Rashee had a tendency to be born with raven colored hair and blood red eyes, instead of the usual white or silver  hair and violet eyes of the Dok Alvar, and he was no exception.

What made him different from others wasn’t his appearance, but his skill.

Even among his clan, which is known for producing the greatest warriors and sorcerers, Modryn could only be called a prodigy. From the moment he started training, it was as if he was born with a sword in his hands.

By the time he was 70, no one in the clan could match him in most combat, and even his ability with the clan’s unique magic was approaching that of the master spell weavers.

Of course, this strength isolated him even more than his position in the clan did.

Most admired him to the point that they found it hard to approach him, and it wasn’t just feelings of admiration that others felt for him, neither did these stay within the clan. Modryn Rashee was a name known to most of the Alvan capital city, Vanarous.

While most would have lost themselves to their pride in this situation, Modryn, thanks to the strict teachings of his father, managed to keep himself grounded.

All of this came to a head when he managed to unlock the Bloodrage, the inherent ability of Clan Rashee that caused them to be the reason for the Demon’s downfall 1000 years ago. Most only succeed at this after centuries of meditation and practice. Modryn accomplished this at a mere 85 years.

This latest success caused some to believe that Modryn, and not his brother Falyr, deserved to be the next Clan Head. Modryn, knowing that his brother had the greatest amount of resentment towards him, decided that it would be best if he were to leave so as to not cause fighting between the clan, and so that his brother would be able to save face while succeeding the clan. Vylon and Aryra didn’t want him to leave, but Modryn insisted.


After Modryn left the Alvan country of Sonadis, he went to the Human country of Hopewell. There he became an adventurer and fell in with a party known as The Black Knights.

This party, consisted of the Warriors Arthas, Lance, Gawain, the Healer (and Lance’s twin sister) Gwendolyn, and the Mage Morgiana.

These six traveled together for five years, and became quite famous. In that time, Modryn began to see them like his own family, Arthas and Gwendolyn married, and Modryn proposed to Morgiana. They traveled to Vanarous so that they could have the ceremony.

Clan Rashee welcomed the Humans with open arms, and a feast was held, not just for the marriage, but also for the newborn daughter of Vylon and Aryra, Artemis

After Falyr made the toast, the Royal Guard were led into the room by the Crown Prince Vylir.

As Vylon tried to stand and demand an explanation, he discovered that he could barely move.

Falyr took that moment to explain that he had had the wine drugged so that no one would be able to resist. Vylir then ordered his men to start killing everyone, leaving no survivors. Even the children were to be killed.

Falyr gave further orders that Modryn was to be held down and forced to watch the slaughter, killing him last. He then took Vylon’s sword, the clan’s greatest treasure, a blade named Dragon’s Wrath, and beheaded both his parents. Afterwards, he handed the sword to the closest soldier, said “Use it to kill the Human trash while he watches,” and left with Vylir while carrying Artemis.

During this, Modryn and the others had been struggling to overcome the effects of the drugs. They were unable to do anything as they watched everyone die. And the soldiers finally reached them.

When Morgiana was killed, Modryn fell into shock. And as the soldier approached him, his mind snapped. He was finally able to force through the drugs and activate the Bloodrage. He broke free of his captors and appeared in front of the man holding his father’s sword. Deftly taking the sword and proceeding to kill him, Modryn then ran and managed to fight his way out of the family grounds.


 Escaping from the Alvan country, Modryn made his way to Hopewell Kingdom. The Black Knights had been friends with the royal family for a few years now, so he felt he could trust them.

He was received by the king, Horus Hopewell, and given a room for the night. He couldn’t even begin to suspect that the Alvar had infiltrated the kingdom with spies, and converted most of the nobility into traitors and sycophants decades ago. They pressured Hopewell to kill Modryn that night.

As the assassins closed in on his room, Modryn had been unable to sleep, so the surprise attack was ruined. Fighting his way out of the city again, he began running eastward and didn’t stop until he collapsed in front of an inn in the Demon territory.


As Modryn finished his story, silence fell in the room. The first to speak was the dark haired Werewolf. “What in the Nine Hells is going on in the rest of the continent?” He asked, shaking his head as if he didn’t want to believe it.

 The purple Troll was also shaking his head, “I can’t believe that the Alvar would go so far as to kill children.”

Modryn observed the six people in the room, gauging their reactions. Mostly it was horror. Even the red-skinned Demon was shocked.

‘Heh, looks like you were right, Arthas. The Demons are more like us than the Human and Alvan kingdoms want us to know.’ Modryn mused, keeping this thought to himself.

After a few more minutes of silence, the Hobgoblin cleared her throat and said, “Well, now that you’ve had something to eat, you need to rest some more. My name is Gretchen, the Demon is Tristan, the Succubus Angela, Cu’thar is the Troll, the Orc is Gortuk, and the Werewolf is the innkeeper Rom. If you need anything, just ask anyone for one of us. But for now, you need some sleep. If you want, I can prepare a sleeping draught for you…or not.” She stopped as a blood-curdling killing intent flooded the room at her last words.

“I’m fine.” Modryn said, as he got himself under control. “I’ll sleep fine without it.”

“Right. Well I’ll be back in the morning to check up on you.” Gretchen said, while trying to stop her heart from jumping out of her chest.

Everyone then walked out of the room, leaving Modryn to his thoughts.


“I truly thought we were about to die for a second there.” Gortuk groaned once the six got downstairs.

“Sorry, I just said what I would normally in this situation. I didn’t even think about what it would sound like to him.” Gretchen apologized while leaning back against the wall.

Tristan shook his head, “No, it looked like he was surprised by his reaction as well. Let’s get some sleep. We’ll figure out what to do tomorrow.”


The next afternoon, Angela walked up to the others with a worried expression on her face. “Hey, have any of you seen the Alv?” she asked when she got close enough.

“The last I saw of him, he was asking about any monsters in the area, I figured he wanted to go for a walk, so I told him about the Mountain Giant that we feed every now and then so we aren’t bothered by it. Why, what’s wrong?” Rom asked as Angela’s face grew pale.

Angela handed them a piece of paper she was holding. On it read:

Thanks for the kindness that you have shown me. I don’t have any money to repay you, so I’m leaving Dragon’s Wrath with you. It’s been in my family for 3000 years, and it’s the last sword of its kind. Please take care of it, and don’t let it fall in the hands of the Alvs. That’s my one wish. I’m going to go meet with my family now. I wish you all good fortune. Good bye.

“Shit!” Tristan shouted as he realized what the letter meant. “Rom, where’s that giant usually found?!”

“Follow me!” With that, Rom quickly ran to the south, with the five others right behind him.

 As they arrived at the clearing the Mountain Giant favored, the scene they found had them dumbfounded.

 The giant was standing as far away as possible from the figure of a Dok Alv as the smaller man hurled small boulders at the bigger creature, screaming at it with tears running down his face, begging the giant to kill him.

 The giant’s face also showed confusion. Over the years, he and the people of the area had a peaceful relationship. They would provide food every so often, and he would not do anything to threaten or harm them. At times, he would even give them some of his kills in return.

Eventually, some of the locals who brought food became comfortable enough around him that they began to stay and speak to him. The giant was unable to speak their language himself, but he did learn to understand them.

So when a stranger appeared that afternoon, the giant didn’t think anything of it. The man didn’t have any food, but sometimes they just came and spoke. The giant wasn’t particularly hungry, so he didn’t mind.

When the man did speak however, the giant became confused. Kill? Why does this one want me to kill him? Won’t that cause the others to become angry and stop giving food?

 As the giant continued to stare at the little man uncomprehendingly, he quickly became agitated. The stranger started yelling, then screaming, and when tears started falling from his eyes, he picked up a small boulder and hurled it at the giant.

 The giant was even more confused, when suddenly six others rushed into the clearing. When he saw that one of them was the man who brought the best meats usually, the giant was relieved.

He watched as the man he knew shuddered and suddenly looked more like a wolf than a man, and he and three others quickly rushed forward to tackle the screaming man.

 The smaller man tried to struggle, until one of the others, the red one that was half the giant’s height with wings and a tail, reared back and punched him hard enough that the sound echoed around the clearing.

 As Modryn fell unconscious, Rom looked up at the Mountain Giant. “Are you ok?” he asked the giant. As he received a nod, Rom breathed a sigh of relief.

Tristan quickly slung Modryn over his shoulder and started walking back to the inn. As he did, he couldn’t help but wonder, ‘What in the Nine Hells have we gotten ourselves involved with?’

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  1. “This party, consisted of the Warriors Arthas, Lance, Gawain, the Healer (and Lance’s twin sister) Gwendolyn, and the Mage Morgiana.”
    And the guy is called Modryn.

    You didn’t take anything from the Legends of the King Arthur, did you :p ?

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂


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