The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 11

Chapter 11  Full Moon One week had passed since the nine mercenary bands agreed to Modryn’s contract. The commanders had all left to gather the rest of their forces that they had left behind to attend the meeting. They each left one lieutenant to represent their interests in the case that any decisions are made […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Strength Tristan had decided that he was going to kill Modryn and Angela when he saw them. After all the assurances from the Dok Alv and Succubus before they left, they were still late! And if that wasn’t bad enough, the commanders of all the mercenary bands had arrived the day before. At the […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 9

Chapter 9  Message  Riqel, Hopewell Kingdom Sarah was getting ready to start her workday as a clerk at Riqel’s Adventurer’s Guild. While the Guild building itself was open to adventurers 24 hours a day, the clerks were only available during the day. Riqel, only being three days east of Moshel, didn’t experience too many powerful monsters, but […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Adventurers “Modryn Rashee! You Bastard! If this was your idea of a joke, it was not funny!” “It wasn’t. I swear. I just forgot that I hadn’t told you about our security measures.” Angela was in the middle of screaming at Modryn at the top of her voice. Modryn was sheepishly smiling while […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bandits A few days after that meeting, Modryn and Angela left for Hopewell Kingdom. The messages to the mercenary bands requesting them to gather for a meeting to discuss a large payday was sent out the day after the Strong Horns’ goals were decided, and the two traveling were expected back by the […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Revelation Modryn’s words made everyone stare at him. “1000 years ago, the warlord Krono united the Demon Territories, and waged war with the rest of the continent, intending to conquer it. Everyone knows this. What everyone doesn’t know is that he intended to bring peace to the continent. In fact, it was this […]

Demons and Servitude 

Not a post about my story. Sorry, things are crazy right now, what with me preparing to change jobs. I’ll have it up as soon as possible, maybe sometime in the next couple days. I’m actually posting this because something has been on my mind about what the title describes. I don’t know why the […]

Pokemon Go

Just a quick question to anyone in the know. Is this still not released to the public yet? And if so, is it to late to apply to the trial programs?


So. I’ve noticed that not many people are leaving comments for the chapters I’m releasing. And I’m not expecting any for the last one I wrote. I was originally hoping to use this as an opportunity to get opinions on my writing. I wanted some people who could make an unbiased critic about my story, […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Ambition  “Now that I think about it, we haven’t given you our names, have we Kha’la?” the Succubus asked. Kha’la realized that she was right, and shook her head. The Succubus that was letting Kha’la sit on her lap said, “Well, I am Angela, the Troll here is Cu’thar, the Hobgoblin is Gretchen, […]