Demons and Servitude 

Not a post about my story. Sorry, things are crazy right now, what with me preparing to change jobs. I’ll have it up as soon as possible, maybe sometime in the next couple days.

I’m actually posting this because something has been on my mind about what the title describes.

I don’t know why the thought struck me now, but in the last few years, when I read something about demon summoning, whether it be eastern or western, demons are described as “born to serve”, either explicitly or implicitly. I believe the first example of this in literature is the novel about Dr.Faust and Mephistopheles.

For me, this brings to mind the first demons being made by gods in order to be serve them the way angels do. The demons then rebelled, but they can’t fight against their true nature of servitude and that causes them to take out their anger on anything and everything. Thus, twisting them into what we commonly call demons.

I would really like a discussion on this, maybe a full on debate? Am I thinking too deeply about a literary plot device? Is there any relevance to this in mythology besides Judeo-Christian? Let’s hear everyone’s thoughts.

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