Pokemon Go

Just a quick question to anyone in the know. Is this still not released to the public yet? And if so, is it to late to apply to the trial programs?


So. I’ve noticed that not many people are leaving comments for the chapters I’m releasing. And I’m not expecting any for the last one I wrote. I was originally hoping to use this as an opportunity to get opinions on my writing. I wanted some people who could make an unbiased critic about my story, […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Ambition  “Now that I think about it, we haven’t given you our names, have we Kha’la?” the Succubus asked. Kha’la realized that she was right, and shook her head. The Succubus that was letting Kha’la sit on her lap said, “Well, I am Angela, the Troll here is Cu’thar, the Hobgoblin is Gretchen, […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 4

  Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. A combination of work, and trying out drawing some of these characters. I’ll let all of you know how that works out. I’m planning on including the drawings in my site. This chapter is probably twice as long as the the others. I hope […]