Dragon-get x Werecat

Gonna take a step away from TADL for a little bit. This is a short story that came to me about a week ago. It has nothing to do with Drinaris. Some names might be reused, but they won’t have the same meaning as in TADL. About the title, I’ve read in a few places […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 14

Chapter 14  5 Years Five years have passed since the veteran adventurers disappeared from the civilized countries of Drinaris. When it had first happened, not many even noticed that they had disappeared. The adventurers always come and go, going off for weeks at a time without anyone hearing any word from them. But as the […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 13

Chapter 13  Lich A week after the duel between Modryn and Rall, Modryn was eating lunch with the Strong Horns leaders. Mary, Justin, and Kha’la were with them, the three becoming inseparable in the past few months. After Modryn’s victory, they had moved into Rall’s home. A castle, rather small as far as they go, […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 12

Chapter 12  Negotiations  Kan’thall was the Chieftain of the Dra’na Tribe. The Dra’nas were the largest tribe of Kobolds there was. Most of the other tribes listened to their council, and those not on such friendly terms take care not to cross them. Currently, Kan’thall was reading a troubling letter. Within it, a Dok Alv […]