The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 15

Ladies and gentlemen, we now return to our usual broadcast of Drinaran conquest.


Chapter 15


Deep within Sonadis’s expansive forests, there are two areas where very few people are allowed access. One of those is the territory Gradis, better known as the Banshee’s Marshes. 900 years ago, Clan Rashee managed to negotiate with the royal family to allow the Banshee all rights to these lands, so long as the Dok Shee do not show their faces in the rest of the kingdom, and the Banshee agreed to this only so long as the rightful heir of Clan Rashee remained Sonadis’s ally.

The Banshee were a peculiar race. Out of all the Dok Shee, they were the greatest spell weavers, surpassing even Clan Rashee in some ways, especially when it came to magic constructed by songs. The only other race that could compete with them in Song Magics were the feral kin of the Harpies, the Sirens. They were a very isolated people, preferring to keep to themselves. So much so that most people don’t even believe that they exist. Like the Lamia and Harpies, they were a race of only females, but unlike those two races, who live no more than four or five centuries, the Banshee have the Shee races’ longevity, so they rarely venture out to find a mate.

This is the information that Mary, Justin, Kha’la, Angela, Tanya, and Salim received from Modryn as they approached the border. Because of the Banshee’s distrustful nature, especially of men, these were the individuals chosen to accompany Modryn to Sonadis. Modryn had been to Gradis several times as a young boy with his grandfather, and he had received permission to come and go as he wished. Justin was being included because Modryn felt he could control himself in front of the Banshee, something most men find difficult in front of the unnatural beauty of the Banshee race.

When asked why the Banshee were so hated by the Shee if they were so beautiful, Modryn replied with, “Ancestrally, it has to do with the gods who created the Shee and Dok Shee. Aengus Og, the God of Light, Beauty, and Love, created the Shee, while Morrigan, the Goddess of Darkness and Death, created the Dok Shee. Honestly, those two hate each other’s guts, and as a result, the early Shee and Dok Shee hated each other as well. Now a days, though, I think it has more to do with jealousy that there’s a race more beautiful than any of the Shee races than anything else.”

The others, who had never heard this about the patron gods of the Shee and Dok Shee, were surprised. Salim voiced their question, “The God of Love hates someone’s guts?”

Modryn nodded, “Just because he’s supposedly the God of Love, doesn’t mean he’s not a petty asshole. He’s a god after all. They’re all like that, in some way or another, I’d imagine.”

Finding a sense of truth in this, the group nodded in agreement and fell silent.

As they approached the border of Gradis, Modryn stopped suddenly. Everyone followed suit immediately, scanning the surroundings.

Suddenly, a woman stepped out of the forest in front of them, “Who dares trespass on Banshee lands? State your names and business, or die.” She was an amazingly beautiful woman, with bright red hair framing a delicate face, white skin,and blue eyes.

Everyone gasped as they heard her melodious voice, and everyone except Modryn opened their mouths to answer. Modryn just smirked, flexed his magic, and destroyed the spell the Banshee had constructed. His companions sharply inhaled as the compulsion to do whatever the woman asked quickly faded.

The Banshee had a shocked look on her face as she saw her magic ripped apart with minimal effort. Modryn spoke up, “You all shouldn’t be so relaxed in front of a Banshee. I told you they specialize in Song Magics. The ones who’ve mastered that can weave spells just by speaking. I can’t really do much to the rest of you except recommend you practice your magical defenses, but Mary, you’re going to have some punishment training for you when we get back.” As Mary’s face filled with fear of what would be facing her, Modryn started speaking to the woman in front of them. “We are here to speak with Her Highness, Queen Morgain. Would one of you lovely ladies currently surrounding us please run ahead and tell her that Modryn Rashee would like to speak with her?”

If the Banshee’s face was startled before, it was horrified now. She had attempted to Enchant a Rashee. For not recognizing a Rashee, if she was imprisoned for a millennia, that would be getting off lightly. Attempting to Enchant him on top of that, even if it was standard procedure for border patrol, was tantamount to treason! And to make it worse, none of her squad of ten recognized him either! She quickly fell to her knees, bowing her head, “My Lord! I am so sorry! To not recognize you is my mistake! I am the Captain of this squad, please allow me to take the whole burden of responsibility and atone instead of the others!” As she spoke, nine other Banshee archers ran out of the surrounding forest, the tenth already having left to deliver Modryn’s message.

Modryn raised his eyebrows as he examined the captain. Seeing the other Banshee, it really brings to mind the difference in their appearances. Most Banshee have varying shades of black hair, and silver eyes. “Raise yourselves, ladies. I’m not angry. You were just doing your jobs. Captain, what’s your name?”

“Sabrina, My Lord.”

“Sabrina. I’m not angry. I’m actually rather impressed. Even if you caught them off guard, to Enchant my companions so thoroughly without them realizing it speaks of great skill. How old are you?”

“125, My Lord.”

Modryn was speechless. To be able to weave Song Magic just by speaking at 125 was almost unheard of. Possibly an even greater feat than his own achievement with the Bloodrage. It spoke of a truly genius level skill. Perhaps, if he had not already been through the Ancient’s Mausoleums, he would have been Enchanted as well. Looking back at Mary, he said, “Mary, don’t worry about that training.” At her confused look, he continued. “If I hadn’t been through the Mausoleums myself, I would have been Enchanted as well, so it’s fine. Just don’t slack off with the amount you have now.”

All of Modryn’s companions had a shocked look on their faces. That was the last thing that they expected to hear. Modryn continued on, going at his own pace as usual, “Well, then let us go. It wouldn’t do to keep Her Highness waiting. It would be best to have only Sabrina lead us, so the others don’t have to leave their post.” And with that, the Banshee led Modryn to meet with Queen Morgain.


As they walked through the village of Banshee, they drew some attention. Everyone paused for a few seconds to examine the visitors before they continued with their business. Modryn glanced around, “I’m glad the village is doing well,” he said conversationally to Sabrina.

“You have been to Gradis before, My Lord?” Sabrina asked.

“A few times. I was worried you would suffer under Falyr’s rule.” As they came into view of the mansion that Morgain lived in, they saw that she and several dozen archers with their bows drawn were waiting for them.

Morgain was standing in the middle of them, wearing an elegant old-fashioned dress that was completely at odds with the enraged expression on her pale skinned, and delicate face framed by hair black enough to almost absorb and trap the light. But as she saw Modryn, her expression changed to shock, and then joy. She quickly ordered the gathered archers to stand down and walked forward to meet the visitors.

As Morgain approached, Sabrina kneeled, “Your Majesty, I have brought Lord Modryn Rashee to you. Your Majesty, I must beg your forgiveness. I was unable to recognize that one of the travelers approaching was of Clan Rashee. Because of this, I attempted to Enchant him, as per standard procedure. I have no excuse for my actions. I will take whatever punishment you decide is best.” As the younger Banshee explained what happened, Modryn was barely able to catch the well contained laughter in Morgain’s eyes. He surmised that it was because she could easily guess how that ended for the girl.

The Banshee Queen responded with a stern voice, “I see. Return to your post, Captain. We shall discuss your punishment later.”

Bowing her head in acknowledgement, Sabrina rose. Turning to Modryn, she bent at the waist, and said, “My Lord.”

After Modryn nodded, acknowledging her farewell, Sabrina turned and left.

Modryn stepped forward to Morgain, took her hand and bent at the waist to lightly kiss it, knowing that the ancient Banshee preferred the older court greetings over the newer ones. “Your Highness. It is a pleasure to see you once again.”

“Please, the pleasure is mine. I would love to catch up now, but I am certain that your journey has left you and your companions tired.” Morgain turned to speak to the woman who followed behind her, her head maid. “Threne, could you please show our guests to rooms where they might freshen up after their journey out here. Afterwards, we shall be taking our evening meal in my private dining room.”

“At once, Your Majesty.” At the maid’s answer, Morgain turned and headed to the mansion. Threne turned to the travelers. “If you would be so kind to follow me, I will show you to the guest rooms where you will be able to spend the night.” She turned as Modryn nodded and led them away.


As the travelers entered into the dining room, the maids were just finishing placing the meal on the table. It consisted of roasted birds and  soup with rolls. Morgain stood and walked up to Modryn, hugging him tightly. “I am so glad you’re alive.”

Modryn chuckled, “I’m glad I’m alive to, Aunt Morgain. Although, for a moment, I thought that you would order your archers to make us look like pin cushions when we first saw you.”

Morgain laughed at that, “Of course, when the dead grandson of a dear friend of mine suddenly sends a message that he wants to speak, it will usually cause some amount of rage. I thought it was someone taking advantage of your name and death for some purpose. Especially when none of the companions you are traveling with match the description of the Black Knights I had met ten years ago when traveling outside of Sonadis. Now come. My cooks have prepared roast pheasant and leek soup for dinner tonight. You can introduce me to your companions and tell me what has happened in the last eight years.”

“Of course. The Succubus is Angela, a leading member of the mercenary band I joined after fleeing to the Demon Territories. Tanya, the Catwoman, is an adventurer and an old friend. Mary is my apprentice, and her brother Justin is Angela’s. And Salim is a leader of one of the mercenary bands that joined us five years ago.” Modryn indicated each person as he introduced them.

As they all sat down, the other guests glanced at Modryn who moved his lips silently before he nodded and reached for the glass of wine. An action that did not go unnoticed by Morgain.

“Testing for poison?” She asked in a serious voice.

Modryn, who tried to keep it hidden, sighed. “The one time I neglected to test for poison when someone else prepared me and my people’s meals, my entire clan was murdered by my brother. Aunt Morgain, I’d trust you with my life. It’s others that I have a problem with. So with that said, I’m sorry, but I can’t apologize for it.” As Modryn answered, he met Morgain’s gaze steadily.

After a few moments, Morgain nodded, “Good. It seems you have grown some. The biggest complaint I had about Teron was always that he was too trusting. Now, tell me what has happened.”

As Modryn explained the events of the last eight years, Morgain’s expression grew ever more gleeful. As he finished, they were just finishing their deserts. Morgain laughed, “Oh, Modryn. I can imagine your grandfather rolling in his grave right now. Of course, I was never in support of joining Sonadis in the war, but I had sworn myself to Teron, and I followed him anyways.”

“So I can count on your support?”

“Of course. The Banshee have always served Clan Rashee. Besides, now that the rightful heir has returned, and is not Sonadis’s ally, our pact is broken and there’s no reason to remain here.”

“Uhm, excuse me, Your Highness, but isn’t Falyr the rightful heir?” Justin spoke up, confused about why the first born son wouldn’t be considered the heir.

Morgain simply laughed, “Child, the notion that the role of ruler should go to the first born son is a foolish Shee and Human custom that will eventually cause their system to collapse once an unsuitable man comes to power. Should a noble be able to treat commoners like filth, simply because he or she was lucky enough to be born into that position? Of course not, that path leads to the peasants going to revolt.”

“The matter of a clan’s heir should always be determined by who is more fitting, not who has the luck to be born first. Strength of will, heart, and mind is much more important than strength of body and magic for the rulers of the Dok Shee, although, to be honest, we do prefer those with power. Modryn has always been superior to his brother, in all ways. If Falyr had any redeeming qualities that would have made him even a decent ruler, Vylon would have chosen him as heir, if only because he loved Modryn too much and wanted him to have his way. But he didn’t, and Falyr knew that Vylon was just waiting for Modryn’s wanderlust to leave and for Modryn to return home so Modryn could be named heir. These policies have been the ways of the Dok Shee, even the Trolls and Goblins, for millennia. For Falyr to forsake them like this is disgraceful, I can only imagine that this is the fault of those High Alvs he only ever spent time with.”

Morgain sighed, “I told Teron that the boy shouldn’t have been spending so much time with the Sonadis boy. But he insisted that them being friends would be a big step towards the equality he was hoping for. That all would’ve been well and good, but he wasn’t spending any time with his own people. And now we have a Rashee who thinks himself a High Alv. Do you know why he has refrained from doing anything to us Modryn?” At Modryn’s answer of no, she shook her head in exasperation, “It’s because he is scared of us Banshee. If he were any less of a piddling fool, he’d know how loyal we are to Clan Rashee, and as long as there were no other legitimate claims to the head of the clan, and he didn’t abuse his authority over us, we would remain loyal. Not that I’m ungrateful for it. I thank Morrigan herself for that fear, as it prevents a tragedy for my people, but the fact that I had to obey that cowardly man for even this brief period causes unending aggravation.” She sighed again as she took a drink of her wine. “At least now, we won’t need to put up with his nonsense anymore. If their definition of ‘rightful heir’ isn’t ours it is not our problem. I do apologize. It must be tiring, listening to this old woman complain. Let us change the topic.”

Modryn spoke up, “About Captain Sabrina, have you decided how you plan to punish her yet?”

Morgain raised her eyebrows and grinned, “Do you have any preferences on that matter?”

“I would like to ask for it to be a light punishment. She was following standard procedure, and besides, a genius of her caliber is rare. It would be a shame if anything were to happen to her.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. I’d much rather not punish the one who I plan on making my successor too severely.”

“Oh? Are you finally retiring?” Modryn had a slight grin on his face.

“Yes, I am. Finally.” Morgain herself had a relieved expression on her face.

Modryn’s companions shared a glance. Angela spoke up with a question, “Your Highness, if you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?”

Morgain paused at the question, “Well, I guess I brought that upon myself. I’m not going to tell you the exact age, but I am well over 4500 years old.”

As everyone’s mouths dropped open in shock, Modryn roared in laughter. “I had the same exact expression! I told you Banshee were unnaturally beautiful. That eternal youth that makes them look like a 17 year old at her age is part of it. It’s thought that even Dok Alvs will start showing signs at that age. All Dok Shee have that same longevity. Goblins usually die youngest because of their warlike nature, and other races also die within the first two millennia due to war, accidents, or murders. Morgain is the oldest living Dok Shee there is. She personally knew everyone of note within the last four millennia.”

Morgain began feeling annoyed about Modryn’s overly exaggerated laughter, so she decided to poke fun at him. “Modryn, you haven’t told me which of these ladies is your lover.”

Modryn’s expression froze, and disappeared. “I’m sorry, but I’m suddenly feeling tired. I’m going to turn in for the night.” Without another word, Modryn stalked out of the room. Everyone was looking like they’d rather be anywhere else.

After the door closed, silence fell across the room. “Hah. I went too far with my joke, it seems. I’m sorry for showing all of you that. I promise you, losing a loved one like he did, you never become accustomed to it. You would think that, old as I am, I would know when to stop with my jokes.” The expression on Morgain’s face was truly regretful. “I’d imagine bringing Morgiana up like that, he thought I was telling him to replace her, or some such nonsense.”

Mary had a shy expression on her face, as she asked a question, “Your Highness, is it okay to not go after him?”

Morgain had a pensive expression on her face. “As long as he’s the same as he was when we last met, then it’s better not to try and force an issue until he calms down. He is the type that automatically thinks deeply about his actions and reactions to the world, so it won’t help to interrupt that with apologies before he understands what he is trying to sort out. If all of you can be so kind, could you please allow the two of us to have breakfast with each other alone tomorrow? I will apologize then, and there is sensitive information about Clan Rashee, and him in particular, that I feel it is time he learned.”

Everyone had uncertain expressions on their faces, but they agreed to Morgain’s request. They all chose to turn in for the night, and, bidding Morgain good night, left the Banshee Queen to her thoughts.


Modryn was at his room’s window, staring up at the moon. He always did this when he felt overwhelmed or unsettled by his emotions, the moon giving him a sense of calm serenity and peace whenever he saw it, allowing him to focus and find the source of what was troubling him.

It wasn’t Morgain’s joke that unsettled him, he was well used to that and could usually counter very well. But he couldn’t understand why he reacted with such anger. Hells, Cu’thar and Gortuk have made jokes about that when they caught him eyeing a woman in a tavern.

Was it because Morgain suggested that he replace Morgiana, even though she had met her before?

No. Morgain had joked about him building a harem in front of Morgiana, for Jotunn’s sake. That didn’t bring about these emotions. Besides, Morgain wouldn’t ever suggest that, even as a joke.

Perhaps it was the others? He hadn’t taken anyone into his bed for eight years. When he thought about it, he always felt deep inside that he was just trying to replace Morgiana. He didn’t know why such an irrational thought would remain. He knew Morgiana wouldn’t want him to torture himself like this, or to be alone forever. But he couldn’t shake the feeling that any woman he tried to woo would just be him trying to replace Morgiana, and he didn’t want to humiliate anyone like that, especially not Angela, Tanya, or several others. They were women who were important to him, and he didn’t want to even think about approaching them until he sorted himself out. That is most likely why he reacted like that.

 As he came to this conclusion, he relaxed and extended his senses outward. He was prone to blocking out everything when he got into one of his pensive states, and not notice when someone was coming.

He noticed that someone was outside his door, and had probably been there for some time, waiting for him to come out of his reverie. “You can come in.”

As his voice sounded out, the door opened, and Angela came in. “Are you okay?” she asked as she shut the door and walked up to him.

“Yes. I’m fine. Just, thinking.” Modryn shook his head as he replied. “I overreacted. I’ll apologize in the morning. I don’t think that my anger was even because of her joke. Just my problem that I need to deal with on my own.”

Angela had a relieved expression on her face. “Good. Just know that I and everyone else is here if you need us. Morgain is too. I can tell that she cares about you enough to consider you her true nephew.”

Modryn smiled appreciatively. “I know. And thanks. See you in the morning.”

Angela smiled back. “Good night.”


Morgain sat in her office, waiting for the one she had summoned. Ever since dinner, she had been thinking about what she planned to tell Modryn about his magical, mental, and emotional dispositions, and how it would impact him.

She was worried that it would be too much for the child, and possibly break him. But she also knew with certainty that if things are left as they are, he will almost certainly break, so she decided to trust in his strength that has carried him through two emotional turmoils in less than a quarter century that would have shattered weaker minds with his disposition, and explain to him what she knew.

At the knock on the door, she jumped, so lost in thought that she lost track of time. “Enter,” she replied.

Sabrina walked in, and at Morgain’s behest, closed the door. She walked to the center of the room, kneeled, and said, “You summoned me, Your Majesty?”

“Yes. Please, Sabrina, stand.” As Sabrina stood, Morgain continued speaking. “Now, I called you here to discuss what happened today. Before we get to metting out your punishment, I would like to hear your impression of Modryn Rashee from the moment you saw him. I want you to be completely honest, there will be no punishment for your words here, even if you’re rude.”

As Morgain looked at her expectantly, Sabrina grew nervous. She quickly tried to order her thoughts, “Well, My Queen, as they were approaching the border, we surrounded the group some distance away to make certain that they weren’t just going to turn back before the border. At first, they just looked like average adventurers, and their leader, well, erm…” As she started to describe her first impression of Modryn, she decided that she really couldn’t be honest, as that would be entirely too rude towards the true heir of Clan Rashee.

After she was relieved for the day, Sabrina had sought out those who might’ve had contact with Modryn and other Rashee, and learned as much as she could about him. Now she was even more horrified at the amount of disrespect she had shown him, and didn’t want to show any more, even if it was just speaking of her first impressions of him under her Queen’s orders.

As Morgain saw Sabrina’s hesitation, she said, “I understand that you don’t want to insult him, but I can assure you that he would prefer complete honesty, and I know you are aware that I do as well. Besides, what most people see of Modryn Rashee is exactly what he wants them to see. When he became an adventurer , he fell into the habit of suppressing his presence, and passing himself off as a weak fool. I would imagine he still does when he feels he is being watched by unseen eyes. I would hope that you understand why he does this?” As she finished, a small smile crept up on Morgain’s face.

Sabrina, on the other hand, had the face of someone who had discovered the secret of a puzzle that had been troubling her for hours. Then, she immediately blushed from embarrassment at falling for such a simple ruse. “Yes, My Queen. I fell for his trap completely. He seemed so inconsequential compared to the others, and yet, he was the one leading them, I had assumed that he was just a foolish noble playing at being an adventurer.”

Morgain nodded. “And then?”

“When they stopped suddenly, and the others started scanning the area, we assumed that they had realized something was wrong, so I stepped out as I was the most accomplished with Enchanting others. I spoke, casting the magic as usual, everything seemed to be going well. The only thing was, Lord Rashee had been staring in my direction the entire time. Not in a way that I would say he was looking directly at me, but the others were all scanning the surroundings, except him. When I stepped out he didn’t seem surprised, either. I suppose I should’ve known something was wrong at that point.”

Morgain nodded. “Hmmhm. Hindsight is always clear as glass, my dear.”

Sabrina blushed deeper, “The others opened their mouths, obviously Enchanted, but Lord Rashee just smirked and let out a slight chuckle. That was the only warning I had that everything was about to go horribly wrong. The next thing I knew, my magic was destroyed, ripped entirely to shreds, without the slightest resistance. I was so shocked that the terror of it barely registered. I couldn’t even order my squad to fire. And I doubt they could have either, they might not have been connected to the magic like I was, but they knew that my magic had been effortlessly crushed, and were in the same state as I.”

Morgain leaned forward. “But you saw it? You saw his magic?”

Sabrina nodded, “Just for an instant, I saw his magic, yes, but more importantly, I saw his true self.”

Morgain leaned back, her eyebrow steadily rising. “Oh? Describe what you saw.”

Sabrina took a deep breath and closed her eyes, focusing on the memory of that instant when Modryn had used his magic. “His magic was like a monstrous storm. Pure destruction and chaos. Something that destroys everything in its path. And there, in the eye of the storm, was him. He had absolute control over the maelstrom, allowing it just enough freedom to break my magic, and then forcing it back within himself. There was no leakage of power. No sign that he was struggling to contain it. Nothing to even indicate that he was anything other than an average Dok Alv. To be honest, Your Majesty, it was the most terrifying and magnificent thing I had ever seen.” As she finished, Sabrina opened her eyes and looked to her Queen, waiting for any other questions.

Morgain nodded, as if she expected that description. “I must say, Sabrina, you are quite lucky to see that. I’d imagine that anyone capable enough with magic to perceive his power the way you did either know better than to push his patience, or had that sight you described to me be the last thing that they ever see. I would imagine that you were able to see it because he didn’t view you as an enemy, and he likely didn’t think that you would be able to see it. My advice would be to keep this to yourself. One never knows how information can be used.”

“Yes, My Queen.”

“Now about your punishment.” Sabrina stiffened, awaiting her fate. “As you might have guessed, from now on, the Banshee serve Modryn Rashee. But, contrary to what his attitude might suggest, he is still young. He is only 98, after all. Even younger than you.”

At Sabrina’s startled face, Morgain chuckled. “Yes, I know. Because of this, he will most likely not know how to make the best use of us. And that, my dear, is where you come in. From now on, you will act as liaison and advisor for all matters pertaining to the Banshee for Demon Lord Modryn Rashee. He has already expressed some interest in your talent and skill, so I know he will approve. And he will approve even more as you prove yourself. Are there any questions?”

“M-My Queen! I can’t possibly accept such an honor! I-I’ve already embarrassed us in front of him so much!” Sabrina was panicking completely. This was the last thing she was expecting.

“Oh? Embarrassed us? You know, dear, I’m pretty sure he would request something like this, because of the things you did today. His common sense is more than a little skewed when compared to others, an affect of being born to be an adventurer, I’m sure. He probably views your attack on him today as more of an application for employment than an affront. He’d likely find some excuse to keep you around so that he can make use of your power and see how far you can take it. So we might as well give you to him before he comes up with some outlandish scheme. Morrigan knows, he’d probably decide what his plan will be based on how entertaining it is.” Morgain finished with a laugh.

As Sabrina continued trying to protest, Morgain said, “If it helps, just view it as your punishment. Now, I really must get to bed, and you must begin preparing to leave with Modryn and his companions. Good night.”

Sighing, Sabrina said, “Yes, Your Majesty. Good night.” She then turned and left.


Author Notes: So, I’m going to take a moment to go over some things about the species and gods that I mentioned this chapter. Not really necessary knowledge for reading, I’m going to be a cheeky irreverent bastard and use their names for my own convenience, but maybe people might like some background information from our world about the gods and races I mention, so I’ll do this from time to time as the mood strikes me. Everyone reading probably already knows these things, but this is mainly for those who don’t, plus, it feels good sometimes to show off my knowledge, and I like to run what I know by others in case they have anything new that they can teach me. I’m a greedy person, and knowledge is what I seek. With that said, let’s begin.

Banshee: Probably one of the most obvious, but I get the impression that most people view them as either some kind of ghost, or a creature that murders people. They are actually a type of fairy of Ireland that is connected in some way to a mortal noble family. When someone of that family is destined to die soon, the banshee is found in the vicinity of their home, washing the dead person’s bloodstained clothing, and weeping loudly enough to be heard by everyone in a large vicinity. So not a ghost or monster, just a mourning harbinger of death.

Aengus Og: One of the Tuatha De Danann of Tir Na Nog. He was a major god amongst the pantheon worshiped by the Celtic druids. The God of Love and Poetry, but he was prone to backstabbing, trickery, and treachery to attempt to take the throne.

Morrigan: Another member of the Tuatha De Danann. She is the Goddess of Death, known as the Crow Goddess. She was responsible for ferrying the deserving dead to Tir Na Nog, home of the fae and the Tuatha De Danann, similar to valkyries. The Morrigan name is sometimes used to describe a group of three sister goddesses, Morrigan, the namesake of the group and less commonly known as Anand, Badb, and Macha.

Now that that’s finished, it’s confession time. I have no idea what the proper etiquette is to address a queen. I’m sure you noticed that I used “Your Highness” for those not under a monarch’s rule, and “Your Majesty” for those under their rule. I just don’t know if that’s alright. If anyone can help, please, I’ll probably never use it in rl, but this is eating at me.

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  1. I was having writer’s black and getting ready to game a little when I got the email that this updated. Anyway, good writing. I honest didn’t know that Banshee were considered a fairy race, I’ve only ever viewed them as another offshoot of specter. Yet I was easily able to tell that the Banshee were not ghosts early on in the chapter. Still, it was nicely written. Kudos my friend, kudos.

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      They are considered unseelie because of their connection to death, but they are descended from the Tuatha De Danann just as much as the leprechaun and fairies. People had probably started saying that they were apparitions and ghosts because they didn’t want little kids who loved stories of little, winged fairies connecting them with something that predicted death…or just American stupidity and censorship. My country has that bad habit.


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