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Hey all. I’ll admit, I’ve hit a bit of a wall. It’s not a writers block per say, I just find myself needing some sage advice…unfortunately, I don’t have any wise, 40 year old, virgin friends, so I’m asking you bunch of yahoos first. Because, for some reason, I value you guys input. No idea why, you bunch of bakas.😣 All jokes aside, I could really use everyone’s input.

To put it bluntly, I am not very good at dealing with emotional distress. The way I handle my emotions is probably not considered healthy. That being said, I would prefer to ask others opinions on how to deal with grief. I’m not asking for the online Bing or Google responses on the stages of grief, or whatever. Honestly, while I can see how that can work in theory for most cases, I don’t think that relying on something like that would work. Especially when the person in question is born with an emotional instability, watched his brother murder his family and friends, and been stewing on that for eight years. I personally think that when finally taking that step to properly grieve (I know there are many ways to ‘properly grieve’) and come to terms with what happened, it’s best to go to the place where the person’s loved ones lay and air out whatever is on their hearts, whether that is pain and tears, or whatever else. But, I am horrible with emotional issues and distress, so that’s probably the worst way to deal with it.

So I’m begging you guys, please give your takes on this. And if you can, ask anyone else you think might have an idea. I do value the community’s thoughts, that part wasn’t a joke. If I don’t get any response within the next week, I’ll just do it as I originally planned. If my thoughts on the matter cause you to think it’s not well written, then I can’t do anything about it.

7 thoughts on “Advice requested

  1. Wow… I didn’t know about that part. Still… you’re not the only one who has hit a wall. I haven’t been able to update “Let’s Go Devil King!” for almost two months. I know what direction I want the story to go in and I know how I want it to get there, but I don’t know how to “put it down on paper” as the old phrase goes. That’s why I’ve been trying to distract myself, playing a lot of both Destiny and GTA Online as both have somewhat influenced my writing as well as trying to catch up on both anime and manga that I’ve had on the back burner for a long time now.

    It’s not like I’ve given up, I managed to write some on the next chapter here and there. It’s just not as easy as it used to be. If you find out how to get past your wall, tell me how as it could help me get past mine?


    1. Sure thing. I’ll let you know. I myself am catching up on some anime and lns I’ve had waiting for a bit, as well as re-reading some of my favorite novels. The thought has occurred to me to read and watch tragedy books and movies to see others takes on this, for my particular problem, but most everything I’ve seen so far has either ended with the survivors of the traumatic experiences suffering from incurable ptsd (not that I blame them, seeing as the ones who wind up like that are civilians that wouldn’t normally be put in those situations) or never showing how they come to terms with those deaths. There’s actually only one situation I’ve read about recently where a warrior-type person had to deal with the kind of grief that can weigh upon the soul without going completely batshit, and those books are more of a comedic, action adventure type deal with extremely unusual, well everything. Which is why I’m hesitant to act on anything as of yet. Plus, it’s difficult to ask anyone at work. They all probably think I’m nuts as it is, who knows how they’ll react to these kind of questions.

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    2. same haven updated demonlord in who knows how long as for coatl45 i personally dont really grieve I’ve never understood the reason for it the dead won’t come back, it might sound cold but rather then be sad that they died i just acknowledge that they lived. but this in it self has a lot to do with my personal ideology so it might not be the best(or even a good) answer.

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  2. Well my family is not so into the sharing feelings part, and sincerely we don-t like to express them so much, but in our case when my father died we tried to make ourselfs busy to minimize the impact and don’t solely concentrated in our lost, we began to laugh and make every bad joke we coul think of and play it like it was the normal course of live. Sincerely what helps the most at times of grieve is to know that you are not alone in your pain and see people there for you with wich you can be bulnerable in such a dificult time.

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  3. If I lost a family member or anyone else close to me due to anything, then yeah sure, I’d be sad, but I would still try to get over it relatively quickly. My reason? There’s nothing you can really do about the person’s death other than accept it and move on. Life may be more difficult, as you may have relied on that person for a lot of stuff, but you have to learn how to make do without them. That’s probably a part of my “Just accept reality and get on with it” personality. It may not be the best approach to something like this, but oh well. My life is full of not taking the best approach to stuff.

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    1. Surprisingly, I don’t get much in the way of spam. Don’t know if my site’s not well known enough, or what, but that’s how it is. Otherwise, from what I understand, Akismet is the spam blocker for wordpress, and you can adjust the settings for what and who is considered spam by going to your dashboard. Hope this helps.


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