Adding domains

I seriously need some helpful advice on this. Can anyone tell me what it means to add domains to my wordpress account? Like, if I add my patreon site to that, will it mean that the two sites can be linked to update whenever I make a post on one?

6 thoughts on “Adding domains

    1. I was actually just looking through the things I can do to my site, and I realized that I’ve reached the limit of what I can figure out how to do on my own. Think it’s time to swallow my pride, and find someone who can physically teach me this stuff, cause I have no idea what half these things mean. Don’t want to try trial and error, cause when I try that usually, everything short of the blue screen happens to it. And I don’t have the finances to deal with that right now.


      1. Saddly I am more new to this then even you… I don’t know how much works but I would THINK that it would either add them together, connect them or at least make it easir to use both… but from what I have seen the domain name is getting rid of the .wordpress. Not adding something new… you would just have your own site away from wordpress’ self advertising.
        (Do not quote me on any of this please)


  1. The domain is more like ‘.com’ ‘.org’, etc.. To link with your patreon site there must be a plugin or something, so look for it that way.


  2. the last time you posted something on this site was over 2 months ago, did i miss a comment from you saying you stop? or did you change sites?
    please tell me why there are no new posts.


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