Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Extra 1: At that time in the modern age ①.

Nakatsuhara High School is a public high school, it is the best college prep school in the city. It is among the best in the prefecture, and has a modest place throughout the country.

There are five classes per school year and they are usually full.
Since there are other high schools in the north, south, east and west of Nakatsuhara, they are often referred to as the middle preparatory school.

Its main characteristic besides being a school of preparation, is the strength of its clubs. Being a preparation school does not give the image of giving much importance in the activities of clubs, but this place is different.

There are strong and weak clubs, but no matter what, everyone gives their best in their clubs. This does not mean that they are not studying, it is just that their enthusiasm is totally focused on the activities of the club.

Maybe the new students are affected by this vigor. Most of them end up putting their spirit into the activities of the club.

Nakatsuhara High School continues its reign in the first place of the preparation schools with that kind of attention, even those who live around the place find it mysterious. It is said that once you enter that school, you will end up being an expert in literature or martial arts. Interestingly, this type of popularity did not become a criticism in any way.

The weakest club on the list is the baseball team. Getting to Koshien was never within reach, they have not even managed to make it to the Top 8.

The strongest club is the archery club. During the last 23 years Nakatsuhara High School has represented the prefecture in national tournaments.

Whether it was black magic or systematic selection, there were only beautiful people in the archery club. Did the people who entered were influenced by beauty and became beautiful? Either way, it was not normal. Their sense of fashion, however, seemed to be at the top of current trends, so the clothes they wore stood out … after all they are human beings.

In that environment, there are handsome men and beautiful women as if it were something natural. But there was no reverse harem or harem. Instead, there is a very strict menu of practices. Along with their excellent grades, the people who come to the club and join because of these people, leads them to become the most popular club in the school. If you can no longer catch up with the menu and start falling behind in practice, you would be kicked out, so there are only a very few normal people. Instead, in the second year, only the strong remain. Why are those who have a good appearance also endowed with a strong willpower?

Because of this, normal people joining the archery club are considered “brave”. And so, Makoto, who was the only one who has been there for more than two years, was the only “brave” left. People had been looking for him more often since joining. It was natural, of course. Staying in the archery club meant that he is the only one who can present one of those beauties.

There are people who talk to him casually to get information about the heavenly beauties from an ordinary person. There are those who also imagine that he can be used as a messenger of valuable confessions of love for the students … In fact, there are couples who started dating because of the ones he presents. As a result, (as a thank-you of the female students), Makoto had received a lot of obligation chocolates for quite some time.

Having heard so many confessions from others, witnessing the delivery of what was apparently a letter of “confession of love”, somehow Makoto was begged by the fan club to get things like photos, I am this type of character, so it is normal to become such a useful person, I wonder if it will end so conveniently. Not under normal circumstances.

As for the photos that had been asked, everything was cut during editing. He was about to cry.

However, his help was over when he disappeared during the fall of his second year for a completely different reason. He let himself be led into a different world. Diligently he left only a letter to his family, in it he had asked a little jokingly to his parents to take care of several things.

His parents were unexpectedly enthusiastic, because this is basically the last request of their son, so they did everything possible to fulfill that request. And so, they practically fulfilled all at a rate that cannot be joked. One of those requests had to do with the school he was enrolled in and which is currently facing a problem, or rather, it has become a fuss.

“That idiot! Of all the things he could do, he escapes to another country! “

“And to top it off in this busy period” is what a girl said as she left the teachers’ room. Behind her is a man of good looks. As he slid the door to the lecture hall, it was obvious that he was about 2 meters high … his narrow eyes, his hair hanging like a thread on both sides, made a kind expression. He had an athletic physique, well, he is a young man that a sense of security.

“Azuma*, no matter how many we come here, the situation will not change …”
Higashi: “I know! But why did our vice president disappear so suddenly!? And also, where this Vaduz rally!”
“It is the capital of Liechtenstein, it is close to Switzerland.”

* ( He, here a note the name of the girl is Higashi Yukari, the man calls her Azuma because the surname Higashi can also be read Azuma, I suppose it is some kind of joke on the part of this person)

He answered directly to the girl he called Azuma. However, in this situation was not the answer that the girl was looking for, and caused him more frustration.
Higashi: “I know! I’m not asking you a geography question! “

She was pulling her anger out on the wrong person. And in response, the man was silent.

That’s right, Higashi Yukari the captain of the archery club had heard the story that the vice-captain had gone to study abroad, she heard it two days after his disappeared. It was just the weekend that she had strangely taken a break, so she had to wait until Monday to find out.

This is probably what is called a bad time. When he heard this story, his were wide open by surprise and everything was still very fresh in his mind. Of course, this was not limited to the archery club, the surprise was a common reaction from all the students who had heard the story.

Higashi: “Without telling anyone, what were you thinking Misumi!”
“Oh haha.”
The young man felt that no matter what he said, she would get angry at everyone. So, he decided to just laugh vaguely, a sure decision.

Higashi: “Suddenly and unread environment was transferred from high school. Although his family lives here he went alone. It is located in Liechtenstein. That makes no sense.”
Higashi: “It would be more believable if they said that he was kidnapped!”
“That’s insensitive Azuma.”

But that’s exactly what happened, Higashi.
The young man’s reproachful voice fell on deaf ears. In a conversation where the man was almost completely ignored, he felt as if he had an idea of why he went to study abroad. He was completely out of place, but his situation led to that reasoning.

It is a story of when the previous captain was to appoint a new captain. The day someone was quietly waiting to consult him about it.
(Is this a joke? It’s a shameful behavior, it was a shameful behavior I was agonizing in shame, but was it so much to change schools and run away? But that’s the only reason I can think of for his sudden transfer …)

Higashi Yukari is not the type you could call cute. It seems to be the daughter of a good home and is often said to be a beauty due to its dignified atmosphere. She placed in the second place of the raking of Big Sis’s still being of second year. Seeing her hurrying down the hall in a bad mood meant a commotion for both sexes.

She received terrible treatment in the first confession that made her life (that felt). That’s why she spoke very rudely and I even got to hit him …
(Even when I was about to hit him with all my might, he somehow came the next day saying “I’m sorry ~”, I really do not understand what that meant. There’s no way I was going to do something like this simply because I’m from bad mood.)

The reasons why a person becomes moody varies. But she kept her grumpiness to a certain extent. And so, he decided not to continue. She renounced all this bad mood and told him that she had accepted it.
In fact, that day was also an important day for someone besides Higashi Yukari.

Well, it was not such a big change, but two people were pushing the club members into fear. It was as if they were in the eye of the storm, and while they imagined it had something to do with Makoto, they were not able to really ask about reason. This moved away a little from the subject, but being able to interact with such frightening existences, their evaluation of him increased another level.

“Hey hey, what happened to Higashi-san?”
“Hey? You do not know? This is Misumi Makoto-kun ”
“Who became the vice-captain?”

The female students who gathered around the window were curious about the state of Higashi, and were secretly talking to a friend of hers.

“Yes, it is. That guy, it seems he worked hard and became the second captain. ”
“Yes Yes.”
“It seems he misunderstood something, and after that, he was confessed to Higashi-san and was rejected.”
“And then, for a while, they were acting as if nothing had happened.”
“… Oh, so that was it.”

Understanding the situation of what was said, the girl who asked the question said “I see, so that’s why.” What she was referring to was, of course, the question of Makoto’s transference.

“So is. There are rumors that say he threw the club with archery and ran away ”
“Ugh, that’s great. Even so, it is quite surprising that he has escaped to another country ”
In fact, it is another world. Which was even more amazing.
The women’s secret talk is secret, and at the same time it’s not really secret. So, it came to the ears of several girls who passed by.
It was as if that sound effect came out of those sharp glances and addressed the student.

“Oh that …”
They had only been together for a few moments, but it created a stir. However, Higashi’s gaze stopped them.
Higashi: (He did not do his best to become a second captain! I was the one who was too insecure to go crying and ask him to become the vice-captain!! Besides, Makoto was not the one who confessed, it was I … I was the one who was rejected !!)

Although surprises all the facts have been invested completely, Higashi wanted to correct them, but his words could not leave correctly. The one who fell in love was herself, she was sure that if she went to confess he would accept her.
… It’s okay. She is in love. But the person in question, Makoto, thinks that he has already severed all ties with this world, however, in reality, Higashi is still thinking about him. Inside your heart, it still remains in a vague form.

If only one word the room was silent with just the eyes. If they continued their secret chat the students would regret it.
“Hey, Higashi. Let’s move on. The activities of the club will start soon. The captain should not be late, right? ”
Let’s go, it’s the signal that made to scare the students of the same year. They both lowered their heads and left quickly. Higashi sighed in a low voice.

Higashi: “Sorry, thank you Hyodo.”
With a confident expression the girl began to walk once more. She must have fixed her feelings a little.
Hyodo: “No, it’s fine. It was sudden, so I can understand you being agitated. “

The man named Hyodo was also uneasy about this. No one knew a man who might have been captain in a position traditionally occupied by a woman, but he thought Makoto was good enough to be the next captain, his position had a major role.

In terms of leadership, Makoto sees correctly in his surroundings. He also never failed to practice, he was in charge of buying the equipment for the club and cleaned the dojo, without putting an expression of displeasure. Thanks to him, the atmosphere of the club certainly went in the right direction.

The only complaint you have about him would be that he did not enter any of the tournaments and matches. In addition, it seems that it was not his intention to enter the club, but he entered on the advice of the teacher who advised the club and asked him to give lessons to others. At first, they doubted their ears, but actually believed that he was better than anyone. His orientation was better than anyone else, so there is no way someone who can give good advice is wrong. There is no doubt that the newcomers to this year will leave the best results of their entire history.

Higashi: “Hey, about what those girls were talking about …”
Hyodo: “Oh that.”

He was surprised that she herself began to speak on the subject, and gave an answer back. She is also is at that age. So, he was considering her feelings and he was careful not to touch that topic.
Higashi: “How did a story like this become?”

The question sounded like it was full of grief surprised Hyodo. In fact, he was thinking that way too. Leaving aside the part of the transfer, he honestly thought Makoto was the one who was rejected. Because it was true that she was being distant with him after all.
Walking down the aisles, the number of people declined. That’s because the archery dojo is far from the main building.

Hyodo: “There was a period in the Higashi was very distant with Makoto, right? So, that’s the reason everyone thought that. Maybe Makoto did something to you ”
Higashi: “And how did that something turn into a confession?”
Hyodo: “Well, I think it’s suspicion is unfair. But in the club, there are not many girls who talk like that, so I do not think they were the ones who propagate it. Maybe it was a girl in another club or another class ”
Higashi: “Ah ~ they really have a lot of free time huh.”

Higashi Yukari looks rather surprised. She does not find such rumors interesting, so it comes as no surprise that she thinks of this as incredibly useless.
Hyodo: “You know we’re prone to attention … after all.”
Higashi: “Attention? Why?”

The captain made a face as if she did not really know what he was talking about and asked Hyodo. She is the captain of the archery club, which means that every little action that makes gossip explodes, and yet she is saying something so apathetic.

Hyodo. “No, well, you see …”.
Higashi: “It’s really not fun. But even if they have so much free time, they cannot be underestimated. Actually, it was close to the truth. “

Hyodo: “Huh ?!”
Higashi: “What about that face, did you not think you were not far from the truth?”
Hyodo: “Uh …”
Right on target. He did not see it himself, but there was something he was sure of after looking at the situation.

Higashi: “I do not care what others think, but if that misunderstanding remains inside the club, it would be annoying. Well, I’ll tell you what really happened. You will tell the boys in my name ”
She’s going to talk to the girls for herself, that’s what the words of Higashi Yukari implied.

Hyodo: “Is it okay that I know!?”
Higashi: “Of course. It is necessary to cut it off, too, I will use this information to my advantage, so it is very well. ”
Hyodo: “B-But you said it was close to the truth. So, did that really happen?! ”
Higashi: “Everything is totally inverted”
Hyodo: “Huh, inverted?”

Higashi: “The truth, I was the one who asked Makoto to become vice-captain. Or rather, I asked him to become a captain, but instead he convinced me to be on the captain. After being convinced, I asked him to become the vice-captain. ”
Hyodo: “Eeeeeh?!”
Higashi: “And then, going with the current, I ended up confessing to him.”

Hyodo: “Confessing you!!!!!? ”
Higashi: “Yes.”
Hyodo: “So what happened?”
Higashi: “I was rejected. That is all.”
Hyodo: “!!!!”

Higashi: “This is the truth, I do not know how he became the one who confessed, but the part of the confession really hit the mark.”
Hyodo was so surprised by everything that was coming out of her mouth. Higashi Yukari trusted a man. And, on the other hand, he was even confessed. It was something he could not immediately digest.

Both the male and female students fell in love with her. There are many who confessed their love for her, regardless of gender. She had discarded and rejected all confession in one go. And for her to confess to Makoto, whose only good point is to be attentive to others, it was shocking. He even considered that word was not enough to convey his current feelings.

On the other hand, rejection. Rejection of club captain Higashi Yukari.

Damn, how many people would reject a confession from her at Nakatsuhara High School? Hyodo could not think of any. What if he were himself? He would have accepted immediately. He is also one of the people he admires, after all. Even that could apply to female students.

Somehow, he tried to think with his confused mind. It’s good that he’s not here. If he were still here, he would become the enemy of more than half the students of this school, and there is no doubt that he would be exposed to violence. “And, probably, I would be one of them,” Hyodo added.

Higashi: “If someone confesses to me once more, I’ll say, ‘I’m sorry, I like Misumi Makoto’.”
He would have died. That’s what Hyodo thought. And then, with his mind still revolted, he began to feel respect for the actions of Misumi Makoto. If someone told him that Makoto is a psychic at the moment, he would believe it.
Higashi: “This Christmas, I wonder if it should go to provoke a fuss to Vaduz.”

She had said it in jest, but Hyodo could see that her eyes were very serious.

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