Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Extra 2: At that time in modern age ②.

Hasegawa: “I’m sorry, I like someone else, so I cannot go out with you.”
This year too, I wonder how many times it has already been, said this line in silence.
The person who refused is the girl. The boy is wearing a jacket-type uniform and the girl wore a dress that gave a different atmosphere.
A white Dougui and a black Hakama for riding. It was a common appearance for archery.

The height of the boy who is confessed is around 175 cm, she is about the same height. It is a height where your eyes can look directly at each other. The girl would certainly be taller if she wore heels.

In addition, her outfit was a little disheveled, but that does not mean that she is a messy person. It is because of her high figure and her large breasts. Even when she is wearing formal Japanese clothes, those breasts continued to show their beautiful presence.

In that place you can see a boy who has no remaining energy to call the girl who is leaving, and has a face as if it were the end of the world while watching her leave.
In the right sleeve of the Dougui there is an embroidery that says “Hasegawa”.

Haruko: “Good job ~, you rejected someone again eh ~”
Hasegawa: “Haruko, stop telling them, I asked you not to stop?”

Another person, a girl also in the clothes for the archery club, appeared on the road from where Hasegawa came. The archery field at Nakatsuhara High School is at the back of the school building, located on the highest hill. She jumped from a tree to the side of the road.

Haruko: “Even if you say that ~, you are a girl who joined the archery club in the wrong season, overturns Ibuki-senpai’s confession and shows her ability to reject all male students who come to confess their feelings, one after another”

The girl who is holding a notebook on one side says it all with one breath and with enthusiasm as she laughs. She is lovely. There are many beauties in the archery club. There are also many who are cute as a small animal like her. Of course, there are also Hasegawa-type girls.

Mid-high school archery club is very scary.

Haruko: “Since this has been achieved, I have to collect data on this. The research work is basic, good-natured. ”
Unfortunately, in this case, her personality does not match at all with her appearance. She is the type that is unfortunate when she opens her mouth. It is not wrong to buy it with a cute chihuahua that has a poisonous tongue.

Hasegawa: “What did you say … give me a break. Do not decide that for yourself, I refuse to be the topic for your own convenience, you know!? “

Haruko: “But, you see, who is the woman with more confessions of love in the whole school?! It is necessary to know that for the creation of the classification register: [If you confess with this girl, you are going to enter the raking of heroes of the school], so please wait until the count of the votes ends “

Hasegawa … No, Hasegawa Nukumi sigh from the bottom of his heart. Even though she really wants to oppose her about that incomprehensible ranking she made, the results probably will not change even if she hears the answer.
If it is announced, the situation could be worse than now. She waits for that will surely get worse.

She thinks that if the other person is serious with her confession, then she should also respond in earnest. But if they come for some nonsense to test their courage and be considered heroes, she does not want to be part of that.

Hasegawa: “…. If I receive damage because of that classification, I will state that you are involved in its creation, Haruko.”

Haruko: “Currently, Nukumin and club president are favorites, it’s a competition between you two ~ eh … huh, huhhhh?! Exposing information from a reporter is a crime. It is violation of freedom of the press! Even if you know it, please, at least, leave it as reporter A or something like a word of mouth! “

Due to the nature of the ranking, at this time, there are many names of archery club members. If you are blamed for being registered at the club your treatment would be very bad. The reporter Haruko clamored for freedom of the press in panic. Forget about looking for excuses, Haruko is actually the brain so it is really the real culprit.
Hasegawa’s counterattack was impressive.

Hasegawa: “People who are in that incomprehensible classification have human rights too! And besides, first of all, are not you freshmen too, Haruko? You have not been able to hit the target correctly, so do not skip club activities! “

Haruko: “Muu, to mention my eternal problem at the moment, Nukumin has become quite skillful with his words eh, yoyoyo.”
Hasegawa: “After half a year of joining with you, of course I’m getting used to that. Anyway, go back to the dojo, Haruko. ”
Haruko: “… I’ve always thought about this from the moment you said you were going to join. Nukumin is too serious ~ “

Haruko grunted with an expression of concern as if it were a cat trapped at the nape of the neck. It is not known if the creation of the ranking was stopped or was simply suspended temporarily.

Haruko: “Even at the introduction of the new members at the club, you took what I said very seriously and said you had a boyfriend”
Hasegawa: “Do not say anything else about that …”

Nukumi held her forehead. For some reason, the arm that appears from her robe showed her sensuality.

Haruko: (Your gestures are those of an entire woman. If you unconsciously let out so much sexual attraction, of course, that men would confess to you ~ As expected, does she already have a man?)

Recently, the growth of Hasegawa Nukumi’s femininity and her sexual appeal is incredible. That’s what Haruko thinks. That is the number reason for having that impact with men.

Haruko: “For a while now and also inside the dojo … every time it starts to sound more like the Misumi-sempai talks. Now that I think about it! I heard that Sempai suddenly decided to study abroad! That was the mistake of my life ~ I have not heard of the place he left. “

Haruko lamented because it is a valuable source of information.
Hasegawa: “… Liechtenstein.”
Haruko: “Eh? Lieche? “

Hasegawa: “It’s nothing. Let’s move on.”

Hasegawa’s body stiffened at the change of subject, but Haruko Yanase, whose ambition is to become a journalist, did not notice. She is still an amateur. By the way, she’s a small person. If she and Hasegawa stood face to face, it would be as if she were talking to Hasegawa’s chest.

Hasegawa’s facial expression was hidden by her height, and she might be grateful for it. Because if Haruko saw her face, she would surely have noticed it.

Higashi: “Hasegawa-san, have you finished your homework?”
Just before entering the dojo, a voice called from the side.
Hasegawa: “President Higashi. I am so sorry. I ended up being late for practice “

Bowing her head. The person who called her is the new president of the club, Higashi Yukari. Because she was called to a confession, she told the club president that she would be late because of a class duty.

Honestly, it would be better if he met her after changing clothes, you cannot prevent her from meeting her Dougi, as well. Haruko who is in the same grade also stands out, so it was also discovered.
It seems Higashi Yukari just returned drinking water.

Higashi: “Ara, Yanase-san is also next to you?”
Haruko: “Hey, yes ~ it’s true! I also helped! “

Hasegawa was surprised and smiled bitterly at Haruko’s ability for this sort of thing.
Higashi: “I see. Then you two, come on. ”
Hasegawa: “Yes!”

Immediately, the sempai reduced her speed to walk next to Yanase. Higashi Yukari brought her face to Yanase’s ear without changing his smiling expression and said something.
Haruko’s eyes widened, and she began to drip cold sweat to the point that she felt as if she were going to let out sound effects. Her face went pale. It looks like a cat that was surprised by a loud sound.

Hasegawa wondered what was going on and tried to look at Yukari’s face, but she still cannot figure out the contents of what was whispered.
Higashi: “Do not overdo it, okay?”
Saying that, Higashi Yukari returned to the dojo without the two first years.

Ibuki: “Hasegawa-chan, let’s go back together.”
Hasegawa: “Ibuki-senpai.”

With a smiling face, a man approached Hasegawa, while she wiped his sweat. A foot taller than a normal Japanese and light brown natural hair. Only his face indicates that he is Japanese.
Even if people exaggerate by saying that it belongs to the entertainment industry, almost everyone would believe it.

His name is Masamune Ibuki. Second year of high school Nakatsuhara, a member of the archery club, and second place in the last classification of school tests in his grade. You can say that he is a super human of higher rank.

But in the case of Ibuki, he is a celebrity whose name is often mentioned primarily by his amorous adventures.
Whatever it is. Whatever you take into account is fine, if you take this it would also be ok. If he enjoys it then it is fine. He is a hedonist.

He is a man who prefers to enjoy love stories with everyone, instead of spending time cultivating love. It is someone who is considered a nuisance among the other guys.

He is seen a lot recently in the archery club. Ibuki’s latest obsession is the freshman Hasegawa Nukumi.

Although he said: “I was firmly rejected,” he did not let his will be dragged by the wind, and he has not ceased to approach that kouhai.
An admirable spirit.

Ibuki: “If you do not have any plans, you’ll be fine, right?”
Hasegawa: “I think senpai is the one who seems to have plans”
Ibuki: “… Ajaja.”

Nukumi said fragrant words as he looked at several female students.

Hasegawa: “I do not want to be one of senpai’s friends”
Ibuki: “Hasegawa-chan, the quality of Ibuki-senpai is that he does not surrender”
Hasegawa: “The quality of Hasegawa is that she wants to be serious with just one man.”

She exchanged words with the senpai as she is accustomed to it. Her interactions with Haruko may have helped in part to get accustomed to conversations with Ibuki. If it was her past self, her face would have turned red in the confusion.

Ibuki: “Yes, I’m worried. But Hasegawa-chan has really changed eh ~ I thought you were in a bad mood for a while, but suddenly you’ve matured. Something happened?”

Hasegawa: “Who knows, I would not know it very well for myself.”
Ibuki: “Really ~? Somehow, I think I know who is responsible for that, but I do not think it’s good to be so affected by it, you know? “

Hasegawa: “You can say … hey. So, you must also have realized that I hate this, right? With the exception of the first, I think he has been watching over me in all other confessions “

On hearing the word “watch,” the smile on Ibuki’s face was bored. He was barely able to reform his smile again.

Ibuki: “…. You’re really strong huh. But that’s not the only reason I confessed several times. I’m pretty serious with Nukumi … “

Masamune switched to a serious expression called Hasegawa with her first name. However, those words were not finished.

Hasegawa: “Ibuki-senpai …. I think at best I can only offer you my friendship. I will not become one more of the lovers of senpai. So please excuse me. Thank you for your hard work. “

Ibuki sees from the back to the kouhai entering the dressing room.

Ibuki: (For God’s sake, and to think that the first woman I’ve really fallen in love with and that I want to be faithful to has an unrequited love for a friend of mine, I think it’s fried too. But being completely discovered when I was confessing over and over again, it’s embarrassing)

He stretched his arm to stop her, but it remained motionless in its place. Without any other choice, he reluctantly put his hand on the back of his head and scratched. As if that represented his inability to act on his own feelings.

“Ibuki ~ The girls are tired of waiting. Quickly change your clothes and then leave.”
Ibuki: “I’m on my way.”

It can be observed that he is very popular with the opposite sex, because there are many girls waiting outside the dojo. But there is no club buddy included.

His reputation, which is well known within the club, is one of the reasons, but this is also the simple and surprising fact that he does not interact so much with members of the club of the opposite sex.

The reason is extremely simple. Because he excels in appearance and studies, however, he likes to entertain women with a lot of subjects and that is why he is very popular among women.
But the archery club also has different guys who have the same qualities as him.

Because of this, even when he has many qualities, girls do not think of him as faithful (in a serious sense), and is recognized as a failure on his part. Leaving aside if it’s okay, he has a reason why he goes out with several girls at a time. But if people do not understand that, it does not make sense.

Ibuki: (That Makoto, how exactly did he conquer Higashi and Hasegawa? Bye-bye, if I lose as much in that as in archery, I will not have anything else.)

The boy named Misumi Makoto did not think about that at all. Or rather he has never thought of something like the heart of a woman, perhaps he is dense because of his inconsiderate sisters.

The words “Not only in archery” denotes that Ibuki thinks of Makoto as a worthy rival. But it is a unilateral feeling of Ibuki.
He has seen Makoto shoot the bow several times. And when Ibuki saw this, for the first time he thought his abilities were like those of a god.

With that superior technique, it is not uncommon to compare those skills with those of a god or a demon. From the first time, Ibuki Masamune thought Misumi Makoto’s ability was in the domain of the gods.

Since then, no doubt because of recognizing these abilities as Godlike, I consider their obstacle as something like a God. Once something has been recognized, it is unable to accept anything other than being on the same level.

That’s why he became interested in the person who had her heart taken by Makoto, and splendidly fell in love with her.

Ibuki: (Hey, Makoto, Higashi is good, Hasegawa is good, are not you two great women? You really have to come back one day, you disappeared leaving your obligations, so I know it’s not a simple matter. Something between you two, right? If so, then at least cancel those matters first. I will do my best to keep strange bugs away from those girls …. Damn it, they gave me the role of the loser. Although I’m sure I have the specifications of a main character. My family is very rich, and my face, stature and style are also excellent, my single-digit ranking in grades has never fallen, versatile in the sport, plus I also have abundant topics of conversation and I am very popular among Boys and girls ~ No matter how you look, I’m a main character, right?)

Certainly, Masamune Ibuki was proud of his frightening specs. It would not be bad if you make a chart with a perfect score for it. It is a fact that his total competences surpass those of Makoto … But it is different if it is a talk of whether he can become a main character or not.

Misumi Makoto specializes in one point only. In terms of skills, the only one that can be taken in numerical terms and being able to boast that would be his ability to archery. If your ability is presented on a radar chart and tries to match it to the strongest, the result of that graph would be a perfect alignment. His specialization is on another level.

If they try to find Makoto’s good points, maybe Makoto is somebody pitiful.

Masamune Ibuki solidified his determination to watch over the love of his friend who is considered a hero. That determination is not known by anyone else, and his friendly way to the girls who have been waiting for him has not changed since his admission.


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