Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Extra 3: At that time…

I, when I was young, acted very violently. It certainly made for a big fuss.

Really an unpleasant part to be written. Cross a dark stage with every effort to correct it (Especially with Aniki*).
Usually after doing everything, including homicide, I was reassured.
(Aniki is a familiar way of referring to an older brother, in this case refers to Tsukuyomi)

My wife had a daughter, and to celebrate she gave her my name.
(Here we are talking about Susanoo, the god of the seas, as for wife, can refer to Kushi-nada-hime, who escaped the serpent with eight heads Yamata-no-orochi)

The time when the oil is gone may come soon. There was too much power, but he rarely woke up as I thought. (Coatl: This part confuses the original translator, me as well. It’s probably something about the original myths of Susanoo. If anyone knows what it refers to, it’d be helpful.)

It’s okay to make a fuss when you’re young.
That’s how I thought.

Being calm after accumulating years and then suddenly entering a state of exaltation is not a good thing.

As for that I think that Aneki* and I entered the stage “Do it while you’re young”.
(Aneki is the female equivalent of Aniki, here they refer to Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun.)

Now we have settled down enough to talk quietly on the terrace. Before we had fights big enough to get us out of the house, but now we get along.

But Aniki is different.

It has always been quiet. He adequately fulfills the mandates of Father, and always accepts what they say with a smile. He never caused any problems or looked for a fight. He probably still has the cut marks on my back and stomach that I did. (Coatl: This last sentence originally had ‘I’. That didn’t really make sense to me, considering Susanoo was talking about Tsukuyomi, so I assumed it was really talking about at one point in the myths where Susanoo had become angry at his brother and attacked him for some reason. Correct me if I’m wrong.)

He was a calm and steady person.
If I left work he would take my place, if Aneki locked herself in her room he would visit her.
Even now Aniki still manages to handle diplomatic relations instead of Aneki, who remains reluctant to do so. Well, he did.

He reached his limit.

Our Aniki finally reached its limit.

As I recall, one day he appeared with an expression as if he were going to die and said “I leave you in charge” and then disappeared. I do not know what he was asking, but it was the first request that Aniki had made to me in his life.

I have always been a person who caused a lot of problems.

After that I went through different places in search of the disappeared Aniki. The reason Aniki fled so suddenly did not happen to have been to see the huge amount of work that overflowed like a waterfall?

…. Aneki locked herself in her room as always, she was silent with eyes that had lost their color. Aneki, I’ve caused you a lot of trouble too. I leave you the work of Aniki (and my part too).

(Coatl: “Sister, I’m sorry for causing so much trouble in the past. Take care of Brother’s work, and mine as well, please.”-Susanoo)

That way I began to search around the world and ask between my acquaintances for the whereabouts of Aniki, or rather for the places where it could be.

It was not anywhere I used to hang around. To say that he disappeared was not a metaphor. Because it seems that he actually disappeared I thought something had happened. It must have been very important. As it happened before, my blood began to stir.

In a sense this should be the duty of a mother. But even if I get in touch with Mother to talk to her before leaving, it’s not a situation I can talk about so it does not make sense.

I have confirmed a photo that had been sent in a massage, certainly it is Aniki. It is not a human figure. It is a blurry image of a diffused light and drifting. In other words, that’s Aniki right now.

Aniki never had an outstanding presence, but this is photochemical smoke. It would only be recognized as contamination.

The utensils that came from the depths of his conscience said that he was fine (he only made mother and daughter worry about him) so I decided to go and listen to his story in his dreams.

Try to ask a good friend of yours, Morusuke*, who lives in the Mediterranean, but said something about privacy and even when I shouted and threatened him with my fist it did not work. (*Coatl: Not certain, but because Susanoo is talking about a god who lives in the Mediterranean with power over dreams, possibly the Japanese name for Morpheus Hypnos, the Greek/Roman god of dreams.) Because he gave me the impression that he would tell me “How about a blind date” I had to retire. As you dare to get the word privacy when we had the bad habit of going to spy together, I almost started a fight, that maybe you’re a woman. Just talk now.

This guy, how desperate is he? Then I’ll introduce you to some girls. But you’re sure to get nothing tonight. After all, I’m going to beat you up.

What a problem.

I do not have any friends related to that. I have an acquaintance, but I cannot easily find him if he’s scared.

There is no choice. Nor is it a situation where I can say that I will win 2 of 3. It is too early to understand the circumstances, and from Aneki’s side it is very likely that she will collapse if everything goes like this.

Then looking. Thinking back, I came across a person waiting for me. I was planning to leave immediately, and this person comes home right in the middle of everything, that bad guy. For now, I cannot attend it so I’ll leave it for later.

Susanoo: “Excuse me. Today we are unusually busy … doing-“

When I opened the door I saw a rather unusual scene
The only person I can call friend, Yama-chan *.

The other person is definitely the person I was looking for. Only Yama-chan was giving a warm embrace to that person’s pale face.

* ( Mousetail Note, for Yama-chan poorly refers to Imra the god of the underworld in Buddhism, it can also be named Yama or Yamaraja, if we interpret it that way Yama-chan took Tsukuyomi out of the underworld and brought him back. Thanks to Fabian Illanes for the information)

Yama-chan: “I have already heard a brief explanation. Have you been looking for this person, right? ”
Susanoo: “Well, yes, it is. Information travels fast uh “

Although not even half a day has passed since I sent Morusuke to the hospital.

Tsukuyomi: “Au auauauaua ha, please leave me … kyuu …”

Due to the passionate embrace the face of this person began to turn purple and fainted while releasing an auaua. Well it’s no surprise. This person is not very resistant.

Yama-chan: “If it is my benefactor then leave it to me. I’ll give it to you. Give my regards to that person. “

Saying that, Yama-chan turned around.

Susanoo: “What happens, since we are in this if we go together”

Yama-chan: “It’s not necessary. I will take care of the remaining work for myself “

Saying that, Yama-chan left.

What an admirable person. I can see clearly how she’s trying to earn points, she’s very good at it. The speed with which the information travels between the stalkers is the best. (Coatl: So, Yama, ruler of the Underworld, is a woman? And she’s stalking Tsukuyomi? You learn something new every day.)

Well I save the hassle of looking. Now let’s listen to Aniki’s story.


Tsukuyomi: “No, it’s not like that,”

Susanoo: “Because you did something like that …… This is a gift from my wife”

Tsukuyomi: “Hou, this is one of my favorites, just as I expected from a lady, she understands it quite well. Well then should I serve some tea “

I forget the story I just heard on the internate giving the memory to Aniki.

It seems that the memory that my wife told me to give her is Aniki’s favorite food. God, what a thoughtful wife.

Susanoo: “Aa, be still”

Aniki stopped hurriedly as he tried to stand up from the futon he was lying in his dream. Even within this dream Aniki’s habit of not sleeping, even though it is so weak, does not change.

Susanoo: “Hey, Yumefuku. Go to serve him te, you have three minutes “

Yumefuku: “Eh !! … Ha ha ?? I? It is understood!!”

Stirring the story and letting out an unpleasant voice Yumefuku rose and disappeared quickly.

Tsukuyomi: “I’m sorry.”
Susanoo: “Do not say that. That Yumefuku, as far as I can see, wanted to get out of here. If Yama-chan had not come to help, it would be a good idea if he came. ”
Tsukuyomi: “I see, I also made that girl worry. I really do not know how to apologize. ”
Susanoo: “She said that she would help with the remaining work of Aniki with pleasure. She asked me to say hello to you. “

She helped a lot. So this time I will not say anything about the harassment issue.

Susanoo: “If you want to thank her, do it after you recover.”
Tsukuyomi: “Aa. Yes, I’ll go and apologize to everyone. “

How many annoyances do you think we had because Aniki disappeared. That Aniki is so unconscious of it is a bad side of his personality.

If I had to compare what happened, it would be as if in a 9 to 5 work place where there are no overtime hours, the workday suddenly increases to full time. And more staff will not be hired.

Tsukuyomi: “But, even so, my work unlike yours or Nee-san’s most can be done by anyone. Is it really to make such a fuss? “

You do not understand.
As I thought Aniki does not understand at all.
Certainly in a sense Aniki’s job is to be an “all in one”, anyone can replace it. But that’s not the problem.
The amount of Aniki’s work is unique. A superman. Aniki’s day cannot in any way be only 24 hours long.
Both I and Aneki are blue.

At this time the number of intelligent life forms on earth is very large. In fact, the so-called humans are an extreme case.
Aniki’s working time is at night when humans rest. In addition, humans cannot live in the sea. In other words, easy, or so it seemed.

However, the world does not move only for existences that possess intelligence. We did not understand that. Everyone depends on coexistence.
Observe humans on earth, as well as the environment and the problems that surround them. Jurisdiction over the vast ocean. In addition to being in charge to connect the circulation of the profits in the earth.
It was far from being simple. Besides being uninspiring and interesting.

Aniki to all that alone. In addition, from the perspective of other people, there could be no simpler work, to the point of doubting their capabilities. But it’s actually the most annoying, boring, and tedious job there is.

At this time regarding the abnormally high number of petitions and documents I have, Aniki’s work is absolutely insignificant. That’s because Aniki worked hard at creating a system to automate the work.
That’s why I dared to say that Aniki’s work is a bite. How miserable
Susanoo: “… Aniki is incredible”
Tsukuyomi: “Hey, what happened so suddenly?”
Susanoo: “No, it’s actually very surprising”

And above all, he was in charge of cleaning up my and Aneki’s messes. And also spoke with Mother to reassure her for everything we did.
Certainly someone very reliable, that there is someone with that personality must be some kind of miracle.
Aniki is an amazing guy.
Nn? That means that…

Tsukuyomi: “As for Ototo, you really are a mysterious type. Pass all these problems just for the words of that time. ”
Susanoo: “Nn, well, of course. But if Morunosuke had helped, it would have been better. Hey Aniki … “

I decided to throw the question that has arisen.

Tsukuyomi: “Yes?”
Susanoo: “As for the human to whom you have given your strength.”

That Aniki had given strength to a particular person surprised me a lot.
To begin with since birth the attribute of Aniki is only supportive. He can only help someone with the help of another person.

Tsukuyomi: “Fumu”
Susanoo: “You gave him ability or Force, which one was it?”

There are three ways of empowering a human.

One is, so to speak, the ability to “do.”
Another is directly related to the human. That is, to awaken the hidden ability of a human being.
The other is to bestow what is known as the sacred treasure. It cannot be the case here.

Tsukuyomi: “It was Power”

I thought so. If that is so, then it is a gift that allows you to perform unequaled when you cooperate with others, the strength of a god, the first human at all times who was chosen to exert that force. In other words, something very interesting. But to play for “I’ll order it” I wonder if there will be any problem.

But, right now Aniki is very weak. That happens to get into another world by force.

Susanoo: “Do not be unreasonable in trying to interfere in another world, you could lose even your body. What a reckless thing ”
Tsukuyomi: “No, no, in fact, I have more strength than I thought I would stay. Even if I had retired after showing him the way, I would have been quite weak. It would have been a big problem to send him to a different world without any kind of surveillance ”
Susanoo: “… more strength than you thought. Was there such an interesting human in our world?”

I look at Aniki to see how he reacted.

Tsukuyomi: “Certainly. There are lots of interesting stocks ”
Yumefuku: “It’s ready for you, thank you for waiting! ~! “

Damn Yumefuku, when I finally thought I might get something from Aniki, such an inopportune person.

Tsukuyomi: “Ho, Yumefuku, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll take some”

It seems that Aniki has no intentions of answering my questions any more, he has laid down calmly. He is eating sweets very happily.
But still.
In this state it will take quite some time for Aniki to wake up. It will easily take hundreds of years. With some help … hardly awakened in a hundred years.
With regard to the request for work that causes Aniki’s migraine, he could die crushed.
Everyone in Takamagahara * could die from overwork.
Yare yare, this is the first request of Aniki. So let’s do it.

And so I, Susanoo, successfully completed my visit to Aniki, And while I take an interest in that human who was sent to another world I begin to put things in order.

* (Note: Takamagahara, is the kingdom of the gods in the heavens)

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