Atticus opened the door to his apartment, saying as he walked in, “Sarah, you home?” The sight of his suitcase packed in the hallway brought him up short. After taking a moment to consider whether or not he should just grab the suitcase and leave, he sighed and proceeded into the living room. Upon entering […]

Chris Cornell

I just heard that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and several other bands passed away last night. This is a dark day for rock music, and an even darker day for those who love him. I doubt that the words said on an amateur author’s blog will reach them, but my condolences and prayers go out […]

A Witch’s Troubles

Hey, it’s been a while since I posted anything. School and stuff. I’ll be posting things more often from now on. This was a little short story that I woke up with this morning. Not really anything important, barely reaches 1500 words, but it’s here. It’s the first story I’ve done in modern times. Don’t […]