I’m back, with some new toys!

Hey folks, I’m back.

Sorry about disappearing like that. Daily life and all that. Didn’t even notice that I didn’t update my payment info for WordPress until I tried to get on my site.

But I finally have an apartment in town, and a job that pays great, and a kickass (albeit cheap) laptop with Office (still got a few debts to deal with), so I shouldn’t need to disappear like that again.

About my projects. I am currently using Word to write my projects. I intend to get them published when I’m satisfied with them, and my editors give me the green light. (My family counts as editors, right? The ones who can relax and not get too worked up over anything outrageous that I write, at least.) XP. I don’t know if I’m going to post teasers or what I’m going to do with my originals on my site. I’ll definitely announce when I’m going to manage to con someone into publishing anything, as far as the site goes.

I will be using my site to translate WNs. I’m saying this now, this is a hobby. I will not be asking for money. I’m doing this for dead translations that don’t appear to have any problems with them. If I like the WN, and if a translation hasn’t been updated in two years, then I’ll take it up. I am open to suggestions, but I will not have anything pushed on me. Unfortunately, I’ve been teaching myself only a little Japanese, so for now I’m relying heavily on MTL and my Japanese-English dictionary. I’m thinking that repeated exposer will allow me to pick it up. I will stay as true to the original language as possible, but I am a bit of a grammar Nazi, so I will not sacrifice coherence just to stay true to the original. Any Japanese idioms or turn of phrase will be translated as is if it doesn’t look too much like gobbledygook. I will go out of my way to look up anything that wouldn’t make sense to people who aren’t familiar with them and put it in a TN, but if something is lost in translation then I will insert a corresponding phrase that carries the same message as the original. The same goes for honorifics. I know that there are people who like Japanese honorifics over the originals and doesn’t think that they can accurately be translated, but I feel that if a translator pays attention to the context, they can be translated. If I did, in fact, just plant my foot firmly in my mouth (as I often do), then I will gladly eat the crow I asked for and keep the honorifics. I more than welcome any advice, and criticism. Use any word you like, but don’t say anything with the sole purpose of pissing people off. I will not tolerate trolls or people trying to start some kind of flame war. Nothing makes me want to put a head through a wall like those two things. This isn’t fracking YouTube. And notice I said ‘a head through a wall’, not ‘my head through a wall’. Please don’t put any innocent bystanders in danger like that simply because you felt like pissing people off.

I will be doing 18+ works. I will warn that they are R rated on their ToC. If anyone underage reads them anyways, I’m not responsible. Talk to their parent/guardian who’s supposed to be raising the kids. Now, if they’re willing to pay me for babysitting, then I may be convinced to find ways to put age restriction blocks on my site ;P.

I will also update Novel Updates, as that will be where I get the info on the status of each novel.

Huh. This turned into a bigger thing than I thought it would. Oh well. I’ll be doing translations as I’m able, so there’s that.

I’ll be starting with Neta Chara. Mostly because the WNs are completed and the original TL hasn’t done anything with it since Nov. 2016.

I think that’s everything. Oh, right, I’ll be starting from the beginning, not where the last TL left off. It’ll be like a continuous itch if I don’t.

AH! I almost forgot! This isn’t about my translation projects, but for anyone interested I’m going to do my best to keep up with news on Kentaro Miura and when he plans to end any hiatuses with Berserk. Like this month on the 24th, the next chapter is going to be released in Japan. I wouldn’t know where to begin translating manga, so I can’t help anyone there, but if I hear anything I’ll post about it here. If anyone reading this doesn’t read Berserk, I recommend it highly. The art is godly calling it a ‘mere manga’ doesn’t do it justice, the character development is beautiful and impactful, and I’ll always welcome someone into the ‘We want to see fukboi Griffith get horribly ganked’ club! Just, do yourselves a favor. DON’T EAT BEFORE READING! Those nachos tasted horrible coming back up in the troll den scene.

That should be everything.


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