Chronicles of Scathach teaser

Hello! This is an update for anyone who still reads what I put out.

My efforts to translate myself are taking a while. Not helped by the fact that Microsoft only puts out translation programs that work as well as Google. They’re all free, but I get the feeling that the only worthwhile programs are put out by Apple. So while I might be able to do a decent job with what I have, my perfectionism refuses to let me put out something I’m not certain are at their best. I’m exploring options, but between teaching myself and finding the right tools to do it, it’ll have to be put on the backburner for now.

So I’m concentrating on my original projects that I plan on publishing on Amazon for now. I intend to carry on The Alvan Demon Lord and Beast of Chaos there, but I’m currently working on Vampire Queen’s Justice, which is a shorter one, and The Chronicles of Scathach (formerly called The Chronicles of Hara) at the moment.

That’s all the updates that I have for today. I’ll leave you with an excerpt from Scathach. Hope you enjoy.


Audun had been surprised by what it seemed that the dire wolves were doing. They looked to be welcoming her into their pack.
The female with the startling glacial eyes was treating Audun like one of her own pups. The rest of the pack was watching her, but when they gave her two rabbits and didn’t react when she snatched them away when the pups tried to steal the food from her, she realized that she wasn’t just imagining it. They actually were treating her like one of their own.
She had hidden her gear in the back of the admittedly large burrow and was going to snuggle with the pups and their mother again (she was still marveling at the fact that the first warmth and comfort she’s ever received in her 12-year-old life was from things most considered monsters), when a brown colored wolf stood in front of her. He was growling and locking eyes with her.
Charles’ memories from his childhood when he entertained thoughts of being a zoologist told her that this was a dominance challenge. It didn’t make any sense, if the pack was truly treating her like a pup, a child. This certainty of the wolf’s challenge not making sense was enforced when the dark brown female started growling and the black female snorted.
Something about the dire wolves’ movements and sounds tickled something at the back of Audun’s mind. How did she know that the black female was full of derision towards the male? Or that the brown fem was wanting to protect her?
Shaking her head, because that didn’t matter now, Audun quickly got ready. It was entirely possible that the pack as a whole wanted to test her, so this one waited until she dropped her sword before challenging her. If that was the case, then she needed to fight like them to be accepted, and she found that she really wanted to be accepted by them. After experiencing the warmth that they had shown her, she felt an almost desperate need to be accepted and get more of it.
So, she quickly kicked off her boots, stood ready on the balls of her feet, and bared her teeth. By the time the auburn male had called the three wolves’ attention back to her she had cast several magics on herself. All of them based on the magical theory and sciences of Charles’ world. The first was to fill her body with raw earth elemental magic, strengthening her muscles and bones for a short time. The second magic was similar, but with fire magic enhancing the electric currents that ran through her nervous system. This magic increased her thought processes and her reflexes, allowing her to react quicker to anything. The third was the most difficult, because the minute details necessary for it were hard to keep track of. She was using air magic to ensure that only pure oxygen was entering her lungs. She had been practicing this spell more than the others because of the difficulty and mental strain of it. Her fire enhancement spell helped greatly, but it was still difficult.
Her last spell was what Charles would’ve called a ‘cosmetic spell’ in his ‘role-playing computer games’. Little use in games where the enemies are inanimate objects or simulations, but very useful in real-life combat for psychological effect. Using air magic, she changed the way the air flowed around her vocal chords and let loose a growl that matched the ones of the dire wolves around her.
They all stared at her, but she kept her eyes focused on the wolf that originally challenged her. Barking that sounded suspiciously like laughter came from the ash gray and the one-eared wolves. The ash made a series of huffs and whines and judging from the way the brown’s ears pressed tighter to his skull and his lips pulled back more, Audun didn’t think that he liked what the leader said. The strange sense in the back of her head told Audun that the ash was pointing out how she, a pup, was not only braver than the brown but was better at using mana.
Audun wanted to explore this strange sensation that, for lack of better words, felt like her mind itself was expanding. But knowing that wasn’t the time, she focused back on the brown as the two fems backed out of the way.
Thinking that her opponent would try to circle around her, Audun was barely able to roll forward to the left under his right paw as he rushed her head first. ‘Yep, he’s definitely pissed,’ she thought. Audun managed to come out of the roll and snap out with a kick to his rear leg, but tsked when she wasn’t able to connect with a joint. He felt it, it was enough to adjust his rump about half a foot after all, but it wasn’t enough. Audun was under no illusions about her chances if this became a fight of attrition. She needed to finish this quickly.
Spinning around to face him again, she stood ready as she faced down a horse sized wolf that was glaring murder at her. ‘Yeah, this might not’ve been a good life choice.’ That thought kept racing through her mind. Thankfully, she had the martial arts training and experiences from Charles to lean on, which made up for her lack of natural weapons.
As the wolf lunged forward again, this time leading with his jaws instead of his paws in case Audun tried to roll away again, the dark elf fell away from the bite, barely being missed, and brought her foot up in a punishing kick to the side of the wolf’s head where the jaw connected. That produced a yelp of shock and pain from the wolf and even knocked his head two feet away.
Knowing that she only got that because her kick and the force behind it surprised him, Audun went for the only weak points she knew of on a wolf’s body. The body was too muscular, and the jaw wouldn’t be such an easy target again, so she swept the front legs with her left as soon as her right was back on the ground. Her goal was simple, and the forelegs stretched against the ground attested to her success. Which she quickly took advantage of to stomp on the elbow of the right leg, resulting in a satisfying crunch, a loud yelp, and Audun’s sudden and urgent need to be anywhere but right next to the very angry dire wolf that she had just gimped.

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