Alvan Demon Lord: Table of Contents


As the Alv’s greatest warrior clan is destroyed, destiny is set in motion, heralding the end of 1000 years of peace on the continent of Drinaris. The leaders of a small mercenary band within the Demon Territories witness a young Dok Alv collapsing in front of them. What plans do the Fates have in store of these six young men and women? And how will their meeting impact Drinaris?


Chapter 1: The Dok Alv

Chapter 2: Destruction

Chapter 3: Choices

Chapter 4: Iron

Chapter 5: Ambition

Chapter 6: Revelation

Chapter 7: Bandits

Chapter 8: Adventurers

Chapter 9: Message

Chapter 10: Strength

Chapter 11: Full Moon

Chapter 12: Negotiations

Chapter 13: Lich

Chapter 14: 5 Years

Chapter 15: Banshee

Chapter 16: Garm

Chapter 17: Drow

Chapter 18: Grief

Chapter 19: Uncovered Truth