The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Uncovered Truth Antalia had her wrists bound as she sat in the chair that her captors had given her in the office she was left in. The 18-year-old High Alv glared at the Bearman sitting behind the desk. To one side of her was the head of her escort, Serfas, a member of […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 18

For those of you who expressed their thoughts on what I asked you Friday (or Saturday for y’all who are ahead of my time zone), thanks. I appreciate your input. That said, after thinking about it, I still felt that my original idea for the scene best suited what I’ve made Modryn’s character as and […]

Advice requested

Hey all. I’ll admit, I’ve hit a bit of a wall. It’s not a writers block per say, I just find myself needing some sage advice…unfortunately, I don’t have any wise, 40 year old, virgin friends, so I’m asking you bunch of yahoos first. Because, for some reason, I value you guys input. No idea […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 17

My apologies for taking so long. Work got crazy, and I had some writer’s block that caused everything to come out in fits and starts. Here’s the new chapter now. ### Chapter 17  Drow As Modryn’s group returned to Gradis, Garm’s presence caused everyone they passed to gape. Garm, for his part, managed to remain […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 16

Chapter 16  Garm  The next morning, as Modryn entered the dining room, he paused as he saw it was only set for two and Morgain was already seated, obviously waiting for him. “I hope you don’t mind, but I asked everyone to allow us breakfast on our own this morning. We have things to discuss […]

The Alvan Demon Lord Chapter 15

Ladies and gentlemen, we now return to our usual broadcast of Drinaran conquest. *** Chapter 15 Banshee Deep within Sonadis’s expansive forests, there are two areas where very few people are allowed access. One of those is the territory Gradis, better known as the Banshee’s Marshes. 900 years ago, Clan Rashee managed to negotiate with […]

Dragon-get x Werecat

Gonna take a step away from TADL for a little bit. This is a short story that came to me about a week ago. It has nothing to do with Drinaris. Some names might be reused, but they won’t have the same meaning as in TADL. About the title, I’ve read in a few places […]